The Human Side of NFTs: How Space Riders Make Web3 Accessible to All

The Human Side of NFTs: How Space Riders Make Web3 Accessible to All

Floor prices, FUD, and FOMO tend to dominate most NFT conversations, often overshadowing one critical element: the people behind the PFPs.

This is where the Space Riders NFT project has distinguished itself.

What makes Space Riders unique is their unwavering commitment to authenticity, inclusivity, and support–especially for newcomers entering Web3 for the first time. But don't mistake Space Riders for a low-entry, low-impact NFT project for beginners–Space Riders operates at one of the highest levels of sophistication.

In web3, community is king, and Space Riders wears the crown.

After all, the human elements that define the Space Riders NFT project–connection, engagement, and shared values–are the cornerstone of their success.

Imagine a roundtable where NFT experts and novices sit side by side, each valued for their unique perspectives. A community where questions aren't just tolerated; they're encouraged and deeply supported from day one.

If you've ever felt lost, overlooked, or like you were just another PFP in a sea of NFTs, consider this your invitation to #ridewithus and experience the authentic community and support of the Space Riders.

When the NFTcommunity sat down with Zubic, co-founder of Space Riders, he painted a clear picture of his original vision: an NFT community where the collective arms of members reach out to lift newcomers to a vantage point where they can navigate Web3 with confidence and clarity.

Keep reading to learn why these values are non-negotiable in the Space Riders universe.

NFTC: Space Riders is well-known for its community-centric, inclusive, and welcoming vibes. Can you explain why these values were so important during the project's conceptual phase?

Zubic: I got into crypto in 2021, and like many people, I found my way into NFTs. While NFT communities felt tighter and more authentic than the shit coin communities, something was missing. I quickly realized that the term community was overused and overhyped. Most “communities” were inactive, the Discords were dead, and the founders seemed to disappear after minting.

Great communities require great leadership. I wanted to see leaders who participated and showed up every day, and that just wasn’t happening back in 2021. The lack of authentic and strong leadership gave me the idea to create a project of my own. I wanted to create a community where I knew every member and showed up every day.

After meeting Cab, co-founder of Space Riders, we chatted about how he was passionate about these things too. He saw the same crap I had seen in other communities and we couldn’t identify a community where people actually felt like they belonged.

There always seemed to be this sense of toxic elitism that plagued NFT communities and there were too many barriers for the uninitiated.

So, Cab and I came together and built the framework for what would eventually become Space Riders. We envisioned a community where, from the very first DM, we made it clear that “you belong here and you are welcome here, regardless of your portfolio or technical know-how.”

NFTC: The community you envisioned has come together beautifully. So much so that your original vision is now deeply rooted and engrained within the entire Space Riders community. How did you maintain that original vision as the project scaled?

Zubic: It’s all about being consistent and proactive. Every single interaction a new member has with our community needs to reflect the values we stand for. The notion of belonging is non-negotiable and must be communicated from the first interaction. Why? Because a powerful first impression matters.

Members don't just receive a warm welcome and then get left in the dark. They find an environment where their questions get answered, their concerns are addressed, and their contributions are recognized.

This becomes more challenging as we grow, but it's also more critical.

But even if myself, Cab, or Lee, our lead developer, can't be present, the community self-regulates due to the ingrained culture of consistency and shared values.

When a new member arrives at the Space Riders Discord, they're met with overwhelming support. Our onboarding process authentically values each and every member, whether they're NFT veterans or making their first purchase. From day one, we work to make them feel included and welcomed.

NFTC: The onboarding experience with Space Riders is amazing. What are your tips for first-time NFT buyers when it comes to finding the right NFT project and community?

Zubic: First of all, if you don’t love the art, don’t buy it.

If you do love the art, hop in the Discord and say hello. Look at how immersed the founders are, engage with existing members, and observe how transparent the leadership team is. If something feels off, trust your gut and move on.

NFTC: The onboarding expectations of a seasoned NFT buyer are different than those of a first-timer. How do you tailor the onboarding process for NFT vets who may be skeptical due to past letdowns with other projects that claimed to prioritize community?

Zubic: I’ll personally reach out to experienced NFT holders to engage them in higher-level discussions. We’re a low-cap project at the moment, so I’m honest and straightforward about our project and the value it brings. I take the time to get to know them and walk them through the Space Riders universe.

For example, I'll walk them through our currency, the $STAR. My goal is to be transparent and honest about how they can get the most value out of our project, both financially and socially. This resonates well and is appreciated by experienced holders.

$STAR is the utility token of the Space Riders ecosystem. $STAR is deployed on the Ethereum blockchain as an ERC20 token and is a non-liquid asset (1 $STAR = 1 $STAR). Each Space Riders NFT generates 10 $STAR per day. Holding a Space Riders NFT passively emits $STAR by the second and no staking is required. The longer you hold your Space Riders NFT, the more $STAR you accumulate.

This is an important conversation to have with new members because $STAR balance can be viewed and claimed through the Spaceport. The Spaceport is a Rider's personal dashboard and contains several tools and applications for Space Riders NFT owners.

The Spaceport provides a platform for Space Riders NFT holders to personalize the name and lore of their Riders, write “Space Logs” chronicling the adventures of their Riders, scroll through the “Space Feed” to see what other Space Riders have been up to, claim $STAR, and most importantly spend $STAR in the Shop!

Claiming $STAR requires a small gas fee but allows holders to use their $STAR for giveaways, events, early access drops, merch, and more.

NFTC: The incredible support and community-centric approach of Space Riders extends to other projects as well. How has this amplified the project’s success?

Zubic: Word of mouth is the strongest way to get a project in front of people. People talk–whether they’ve had a good experience or a bad one. If you’re honest, transparent, and have a good value proposition, you’re doing better than most projects and word of mouth can be a great thing. It has been for us. We’ve never burned a bridge in this space and our reputation is stellar.

We’ve collaborated with high-quality NFT projects of all sizes and values. But it’s not so much about getting more people in, it’s about creating a good experience and supporting each other. Project-to-project collaborations create opportunities for everyone involved.

NFTC: You’re involved in every facet of the Space Riders community, how do you balance life outside of Space Riders?

Balancing life and work in the Web3 space is no joke. You've got to hustle, but you can't forget to live, too. Those first three months before we minted were an all-consuming grind. Stressful doesn't even begin to cover it.

But here's the thing: after the mint, life didn't exactly slow down, but it got more doable. I won't lie; I've struggled with balance, but I'm getting the hang of it this year. It's all about scheduling and, believe it or not, stepping outside to get some fresh air and grab a bite of something that's not fast food. If you treat yourself as well as you're treating your project, you're onto something. And seriously, staring at screens all day, every day, will fry your brain. Get outside, even if it's just to stand on your porch and breathe. Trust me, if you're running the show and you don't look out for yourself, you're setting yourself—and your community—up for a crash.

NFTC: You’ve given it you’re all and shown up every day for Space Riders. Can you share a success story or a moment when you felt particularly proud of what Space Riders has achieved?

Zubic: Absolutely, I love telling this story. So, Space Riders minted with 8,888 NFTs. We followed that up with Space Riders X, a unique collection of 90 one-of-a-kind pieces. Instead of selling these, we awarded them to our most active community members through interactive challenges.

Cab was instrumental in taking the project further. While our initial art drew attention, Cab had this vision to expand and enrich our offerings. He thought of making these exclusive pieces part of an engaging competition involving community scavenger hunts, live videos, auctions, and raffles.

This invigorated our community, and it was awesome to witness.

The Space Riders X series has become iconic within our community. I loved how our community worked so hard to get them. They showed up, they were pushing our brand, and it was FUN.

NFTC: We love you Zubic. Honestly, you’re a class act and we applaud your achievements in creating a community-centric, inclusive, and welcoming community. Any shoutouts you want to give before we invite readers to #ridewithus?

I've got to give credit where it is due. And credit goes first and foremost to the entire Space Riders community.

Cab, you're the artistic genius here. Your vision has made Space Riders more than just another project; it's a phenomenon. Lee, you've been the technological backbone, quietly but powerfully elevating our game (you know what I mean).

I also have to give some love to Paddy: our IRL DJ, year-long companion, and overall incredible human. Feedthechicken, our mod, you're like the community MVP—simply one of the best people I've ever had the pleasure to work with.

Terran, you're not just a member; you embody what Space Riders is all about, making our vision come alive every single day. And Steve (@nftsandkids), your contributions to the community and how you've represented us are nothing short of legendary.

@gpsmatty, we can't overlook your support, especially with our Spaces. And let's just say it, you're the keeper of one of the "ultimate ancient," the holy grail of Riders, which is beyond cool.

But as I mentioned earlier, this is a community effort. I'm standing shoulder to shoulder with every community member and we’re all equally invested in making Space Riders a legend in its own right.

And there’s always room for more in the Space Riders community, so consider this your invitation to #RideWithUs.


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